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The Silkypix community forum was opened!

The Silkypix community forum was opened by the user of SILKYPIX.


We want to refer to the everybody's opinion through the forum.

We appreciate your continued interest in SILKYPIX.

We love photograph!

A way of the level adjustment at the time of the RAW developing by SILKYPIX.

It is the video clip of the way of the level adjustment at the time of the RAW developing by SILKYPIX.



We love photograph!

Restore of MTB. The #2 Detail

Restore of MTB was completed.

The past state is here.

I painted it mat black.
I used spray for cars for the painting.

I removed seven speed gears and installed a single speed gear.
The chain line is adjusted by a spacer.
In addition, the tension of the chain is coordinated by tensioner.

The brakes use cantilever brake installed as an original.

The saddle is used.

We love photograph!

Level,pespective & distortion ajustment of SILKYPIX.

New video clip was shown by youtube.
It is Lvel,pespective & distortion adjustment this time.



We love photograph!

Advantage of RAW in the white balance.

When a white balance was changed by the RAW developing, the color is reproduced definitely.

Please watch this photograph.
The whole photograph looks like orange by influence of lighting it up.

This is a photograph adjusted a white balance to.

With the photograph before the adjustment, both colors of a cake and the dish looked like orange.When JPEG data were retouched, the difference of this color is not recognized. The color of the cake will fall out when I whiten a dish.

However, RAW can divide a subject original color and a color of the illumination.

We love photograph!